How to hang up your Delphi set

It's pretty simple to get your Delphi set up on the wall, but there are a few tips that might come in handy. Follow the steps bellow and you should be home safe.

Mounting instructions

🛠️ Tools needed:

  • Drill Driver
  • Drill, Ø 6 mm (diameter)
  • Spirit level
  • Pencil

1. Find the right spot in your home 🎯

  • The purpose with the Delphi set is to give you and your family a visible overview of your time. So don't hide it away, place it where you'll frequently see it (e.g. kitchen, living room or the like).
  • Place the board at a hight where everyone can add notes to the calendar. 

2. Start with one screw 

1. Place the board on the wall and mark the left hole. 

2. Drill a hole with a min. depth of 35 mm. Use a 6 mm drill. 
3. Knock the plug in the hole. Make sure that the plug is knocked deep in so the plug ending is aligned with the wall. (you can use other plugs if you need special ones for your wall)
4. Drive in the screw by adding the 2 nuts on the screw as shown in the photo below. Be aware only to turn the outmost nut in order to make the screw turn and not the nuts. 

5. The screw should only extend max 10 mm from the wall. 

3. Level the board ⚖️

1. Place a spirit level in the board tray and hang the board on the screw.
2. Level the board horizontally 
3. Mark the two other holes - ⚠️ Be accurate  :-)

    4. Screw in the 2 screws

    1. Follow the same procedure with the 2 screws as you did in step 2. 

      5. Hang up the board 

      1. Hang the board on the 3 screws.
      2. Fixate the 2 wooden hooks to the left and the knob to the right. Don't tighten the hooks to much before you hang your calendar on them

      OPTION: You can hang a cord for a pen in the knob

        6. Hang your calendar and adjust

        1. Hang the calendar on the wooden hooks.
        2. Adjust the hooks by turning them and make sure that the calendar is aligned and the hooks sit tight.

          There you go! Congrats with your new Delphi set! 🍾






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